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Always …. Melons and only melons!

Tradition, innovation and quality attest the success of the largest italian organisation of melon growers.
OP Francescon is the largest Italian organisation of melon growers. It holds a leading position on the domestic market and it is significantly growing on a European level.
Leadership based on know-how and experience
A company with over 50 years of experience that is devoted to melon growing.
  • Consolidated experience and know-how
  • A suitable territory for melons
  • Cultural innovation
  • Consistent product quality
  • Customer oriented
  • Leading position
OP Francescon is able to offer high quality products by monitoring all the production phases directly; from the seeding to the final shipping of the product.
Quality is the centre of the entire production supply chain.
A direct control of the production stages, from seed to distribution.

  • Cultivation of their lands
  • Crop rotation: melon-wheat-melon
  • Integrated pest management
  • Drip irrigation
  • Renewable energy
  • Great attention to the human resources
OP Francescon has been specialised in the melon industry for 50 years already; it can really say that these past years of experience have been fruitful!
Melons and only melons, this is what we do
Quality products and certificates from crop to shipping.
  • best varieties
  • Esmeralda & Amaregal,
  • Honeymoon & Bacir,
  • Giusto,
  • Thales & Pregiato,
  • Experimental fields to test new varieties.